Albums at their Peak

On my year abroad, I devoted much of my time to the Vanderbilt radio station, WRVU Nashville, which you can read all about here. I only recorded a couple of my shows, named Across the Pond, and you can listen to one of them on my Soundcloud.

I’m a presenter on the award-winning RAW Radio, the radio station at University of Warwick. I’ve got my own show, Albums at their Peak, on which I’ll be picking one album that means a lot to me and play the whole thing, interspersed with titbits of information on the artist, album and its general history. Appearing on this page will be a written version of my show, a track-by-track review of the album I feature in my show and some other bits and bobs. That’ll appear here shortly after the show is broadcast.

I’m also part of the music team and frequent the panels that run the department’s three shows – The New Music Review, Mondays @ 10am, Unsigned and Upcoming, Thursdays @ 5pm and The Chart Show, Fridays @ 7pm. If you tune in to any of these, it’s likely I’ll be there, passing judgement and making witty comments on the music of the week.

How to listen…RAW is on 1251AM or log on at

12/11/2012 I gatecrashed my friend Robin’s breakfast show this morning, read out some rap lyrics, discussed T. S. Eliot and bitched about Andy Murray. Listen to the action here!

Off the Wall

19/11/2012 My first solo show since May! I don’t think it went too badly, hugely supported by the fact that I played Off the Wall from start to finish. It was great to be back in charge, in a small room in the middle of the SU where no-one can hear me sing. If anyone did hear me, I feel sorry for them. You can listen to my show here or read a longer analysis of Off the Wall here.

tune yards who kill

03/12/2012 Show two and the station’s audiowall collapsed, along with the digital library. Fantastic. The CD player also threw a wobbly. Despite this, the show went on and I rambled on for an hour about the fantastic w h o k i l las well as playing the album in full. It was a relaxing and enjoyable end to the term, a small respite before the madness of Christmas. You can listen to my show here and read a longer analysis of w h o k i l l here.


100 Percent No Modern Talking

14/1/2013 Today’s show was…terrible, to say the least. The CD I had burnt decided to mix up my song order and, when I finally realised I had the outputs all wrong on the deck, I still read out the wrong titles and only managed to get into it about half an hour in. It was a soul-destroying hour that ended with me driving home in silence and putting myself to bed with a cup of hot cocoa. I analysed two amazing EPs – 100% No Modern Talking from Knife Party and 1991 from Azealia Banks. My stubborn pride dictates I won’t be putting up a recording of this show, but an analysis of both EPs is coming soon.

Parallel Lines

28/1/2013 In a complete change from the previous show, this one was amazing. I played Parallel Lines by Blondie, with a few non-album tracks thrown in the middle, and had myself a little one-woman party. It was just what I needed after a day of dissertation writing and judging by the number of texts and emails I received, others enjoyed it too. You can listen to the show here and I’ll soon be uploading a more in-depth album review.

An Innocent Man

25/2/2013 In this show, I went back to my childhood and the album that practically defined it, An Innocent Man by Billy Joel. It’s the album that brought my parents together, or so I’m told, and it’s played so often in our house that my brother and I often don’t need the music to start singing along. It’s a great homage to American culture and music, absolutely worth a listen. Listen to the show here and check back for the upcoming longer analysis.


11/3/2013 I had an allergic reaction at lunch when a nut somehow found its way into my chicken. Although I didn’t go into full-blown death mode – throat and mouth swelling up, unable to breathe, employment of epi-pen and going to hospital – I still spent the afternoon and evening in the foetal position in bed as my stomach attempted to deal with these nasty foreign bacteria. All said, I had to pull out of my show. Whilst I was curled up in bed, I did analyse the album I planned to showcase, Californication, so, for your reading pleasure, here is my analysis of this game-changing album. I’m only sorry there isn’t any live commentary to be enjoyed alongside.


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