Need Cheering Up? Watch Out For THIS.

BUMAYE means ‘kill it’ however is also used as an expression of enthusiasm or congratulations. That is exactly what you should be taking away from this video for Major Lazer’s single Watch Out for This (Bumaye) featuring Busy Signal, The Flexican and FS Green. It’s taken from their new album Free the Universe which I reviewed a couple of weeks ago for The Boar, you can check it out here.

There are a few reasons why this video makes me incredibly happy;

1) Diplo’s face throughout as he rubs his hands approvingly at the girl getting down in front of him.

2) Busy Signal’s clothes – so much fun colour! And just look at that headgear!

3) An incredible amount of eyewear is on show here, I can practically see myself reflected in all the lenses. So beautiful.

4) The fact that the girls dancing around aren’t size 0 and aren’t afraid to shake what they got.

5) The sun is shining in this video – granted, it was filmed in Jamaica, but it’s May now so a healthy dose of sun is definitely overdue in London.

6) The little boy getting in on the action around 1:48. He’s a decade younger than me and has more natural rhythm.

7) Blue lipstick…what?! It works so very well on this girl, but in any other situation it would look like you’d just stepped out of a freezer. Close-up at 1:07.


9) A butt-crawl-crab-walk along the road. Because, you know, whatever. Catch it at 2:52.

Check out the video below. If you aren’t at least chair dancing or smiling just a wee bit by the end, you’re a robot.


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