A Week of Packed Lunches – Day Five

This is a little late in coming, four days to be precise, but I’ve been moving back to university and getting stuck in to my dissertation. A bad excuse, but there it is.

As my last post said, my packed lunch for Thursday became Friday’s, as my brother kindly took me for ramen on Thursday. We went to Bone Daddies – we’ve been to this inconspicuous restaurant once before so this review is going to be an augmentation of our two visits. The very fact that we went back should say something about the place.

Visit one: I went with my Dad and brother straight after work one Wednesday evening, so we walked in at about 5.45pm. It was pretty busy, we got practically the last three seats. It’s all shared seating – the walls are lined with high-chairs and tables, the same in the middle of the room. Each bench is littered with pots of soy sauce, chili sauce, chopsticks and napkins. A cute touch is the small jar of peeled garlic cloves alongside a garlic crusher.

Dad and I had beers, we all had tap water in little metal cups. We were fairly hungry so ordered some snacks to start – salmon sashimi and soft shell crab. After much indecision I went for the soy ramen – soba noobles, egg, bamboo, bean sprout, mizuna, onion, nori and chashu pork in a chicken bone broth. The others picked the T22 and tonkatsu ramens. The ramen was fairly speedy in coming out, however ten minutes into enjoying them our snack-starters were nowhere to be seen. We called over the waitress who apologised profusely and, quicker than you can drizzle soy sauce, returned with a plate of yellowtail sashimi from the kitchen whilst our starters were being prepared. Excellent service, no?

The ramen itself was delicious – warm, filling and totally satisfying. My broth was delicate and tasty, however I tried my brother’s 20-hour pork bone broth and found it far too rich for my liking. I adorned my bowl with lashings of soy sauce, chili sauce and a squashed garlic clove, all welcome additions. Amidst the slurping and scooping, we really liked the sashimi – the yellowtail was tender and flavourful, whilst the salmon was nicely accompanied by a limey-zest. Whilst I’m not crab’s biggest fan, the soft-shell number was pretty good, warm and crispy.

Bone Daddies Ramen

Visit two: Lunchtime, just after 1pm. My brother and I had no problem finding a seat – our problem lay more with getting someone to take our order. Once taken, our green tea was prompt although we had to ask again for our tap water. This time I went for the T22 (cock scratchings, soy ramen, chicken in chicken bone broth) with added spicy ground chicken and spring onion. My brother stuck to his favourite tonkotsu and we ordered some fried chicken to share.

The service overall was slower this time, with everything taking that little bit longer, including the fried chicken which had to be asked for a second time. We drink a lot of water and our water bottle wasn’t refilled without us asking. To their credit, everyone was very apologetic and accommodating once we were seen to, this just didn’t happen often enough, and with a half-full restaurant this is pretty poor. Also, I do somewhat resent paying £3 for a small cup of green tea with no refills – maybe it’s the American in me that expects refills. 

The atmosphere is great – the playlist plays a great range from The Beatles to Blondie – and the food is absolutely delicious. Definitely give it a go, just don’t expect a quick turnaround.

Bone Daddies Ramen, 31 Peter Street, London, W1F 0AR


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