A Week of Packed Lunches – Day Three

After yesterday’s Korean joy, today we’re back to the near-equal joys of Tupperware. I’ve gone for something similar to Monday – in fact, there are only a couple of differences.

Wednesday – prawn, chickpea and green bean salad; fruit box; quinoa bar

Full lunch Day 3

In the salad: pan-fried prawns; grilled carrots, orange/yellow peppers, corgettes and red onions; cos lettuce; raisins; oven-baked chick peas; steamed green beans; seed mix; tahini dressing.

Pan-fried prawns: I marinated these in lemon juice, olive oil and soy sauce and then pan-fried.

Tahini dressing/oven-baked chick peas: see day one – the only difference is I added a healthy teaspoon of sweet chili flakes to the dressing.

In the fruit box1/3 conference pair, 1/2 braeburn apple, 1/2 red plum

Quinoa barsee day one

I anticipate my eating pattern will follow Mondays; the quinoa bar will disappear around 12pm, the salad box will follow sometime between 1:30-2pm and the fruit box will be eaten on the train home. Yes, I disapprove of eating on the train too, but fruit doesn’t smell and I don’t chomp loudly. I think. Bon appetit!


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