A Week of Packed Lunches – Day Four

This was all going swimmingly until my brother came into my room – just now, in fact – and declared that he, too, would be in London tomorrow and that he wanted to meet up for lunch. After my lunch had been made and packed into the fridge and all. But, really, I can’t complain; my little brother wants to treat me to lunch at our favourite ramen place – which you’ll get a review of tomorrow evening. So technically lunch isn’t packed at all and what I’ve packed will be my dinner. Here it is, anyway.

Thursday: chicken, avocado and hummus salad, quinoa bar and fruit box

Packed Lunch Day Four

In the salad: oven-baked chicken thighs (simply seasoned with a herb rub); grilled red onions; chopped cucumber, orange/yellow peppers and carrots; little gem lettuce; sliced avocado; home-made hummus; olive oil; lemon juice; seasoning

Home-made hummus: One of those spontaneous moments when I threw ingredients into a blender in random ratios and hit GO. I threw in; one can of chick peas, drained; a  healthy squeeze of tahini; olive oil; salt; black pepper; juice of half a lemon; cumin; paprika.

In the fruit box: Pear, plum and strawberries.

Quinoa bar: These babies are still tasting great, just under a week after I made them. I’m thinking of freezing them so they last even longer. Recipe link is in day one’s entry. 


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