Jaeger’s High Street Surprise

When I was beckoned over to Mum’s laptop to view Jaeger’s newest collection, I was highly skeptical. Since when was Jaeger a fashion destination for someone of my age and style? Despite their name meaning ‘hunter’ in German, I’ve always thought of Jaeger as a brand for forty-somethings, full of practical, functional yet simple and boring clothing. You can imagine my shock, then, when I found myself oohing and aahing over a few items in their new collection.

The label now has two collections under the umbrella of Jaeger – Jaeger London and Boutique. Jaeger London is aimed at a young, smart, professional woman, with plenty of clothes suitable for work and casual in brighter colours and patterns than your everyday trouser suit. The recent trend in Sixties style has boosted this side of the business, with geometric prints and contrast shirts featuring heavily. Racer dresses and shirt dresses also feature here, with blues and greens bringing spring/summer to life.

It is however the Boutique range that has caught my eye. Designed for the twenty-something woman, this range has a slightly closer fit than either Jaeger or Jaeger London and takes the words ‘bold colour’ to another level. It’s not hard to determine, from one step inside the store, which are the Boutique racks. The word I would use to describe this collection is ‘cute’; the clothes are for smiley, happy relaxed people, frolicking in the sunshine. Yellows, oranges, blues, palm trees, ladybirds and grassy greens all feature, making for a beautiful range of easy yet high-impact clothes.

Adding two new collections is risky, as they could well alienate the established forty-something clientele. However I haven’t found this to be the case; certain items in Boutique could easily be worn by a woman of any age, such as a stripy orange and cream jumper Mum bought and loves. Others, such as the flowery yellow shirt, will only serve to add years a middle-aged woman and drift dangerously into frumpiness. With the right eye and styling, these clothes can work for anyone.

If you had told me a few months ago that I would walk out of Jaeger with my purchases,I would probably have slapped you. Telling me that the two items I bought were dresses would have earnt you another slap. However both proved true yesterday when I proudly strode out from the Regent Street store with the two dresses below. The dogtooth I had set my heart on after seeing it online and it fit like a glove. The green flouro dress is my favourite purchase for a long time; it’s fun, fresh, sexy and the perfect addition to my S/S wardrobe. It also comes in a jacket and pencil skirt…sorely tempted.

Dogtooth Shift


Flouro Green Shift











Despite the new collection being targeted at a younger  market, the price hasn’t shifted and it’s still pricier than your average high street outfit. However the quality and cut is also better than average, so perhaps worth the investment. Here’s some of my favourite pieces from the Boutique collection, or click here and take a look for yourself. Palm Tree TrousersFloral Cluster Dress

Ladybird Shirt

Colour Block Knitted Dress


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